Through Taekwondo training, we strive to develop the full potential in our students, enabling them to embrace the challenges of life more successfully, while setting the highest standard of excellence. World Champion Taekwondo will provide unparalleled Taekwondo martial arts training throughout Connecticut and all 50 States of the United States of America with top world champion Master Instructors with a minimum of 4th Degree Black Belt. All the Master Instructors have been chosen and trained by Grand Master Park before establishing their own schools. This will be done while maintaining the main Taekwondo training focus: respect, discipline, confidence and self-confidence. WCT students will learn more than basic techniques of self defense, they will learn the five benefits of Taekwondo which are the cornerstones of the philosophy that embody the art: courtesy, integrity, perseverance, self control, and determination. WCT Masters will develop in every student a strong sense of self confidence while maintaining the Taekwondo training focus: respect and discipline.


To maintain and develop only students who adhere to and maintain the five benefits of Taekwondo. To train, monitor and maintain only; the students who show respect for self, others and country and students who show determination and discipline.

Our schools and teaching methods are guided by a common set of values which are very similar to the Boy-Girl Scouts of America. We believe that training in Taekwondo is an opportunity to teach important values which will not only help our students achieve higher ranks in Taekwondo, but also will stay with them and help them their entire life. God gave us one body, one mind and one sprit; it is our job to take care of and develop all three.


My vision is to instill in their students a sound mind and strong sense of self-confidence. Students will learn discipline and respect through the art of Taekwondo. There is much more to Taekwondo than kicking and punching. It has been designed as a non-violent art system for the entire body and mind. It is, quite literally, a philosophy and a way of life. All WCT students will be taught Respect for their country, self, fellow man and all authority.

SangPil Kim

6th Degree Black Belt / Head Master
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Hanla Dojang

Hanla Dojang is named after the Hanla Mountain located on the Jeju Island of South Korea, being the highest mountain in South Korea.

From Wikipedia, “Han represents the universe, [and] la means pull. [Together they mean] that the mountain is high enough to pull the universe. According to [an] old legend, if anyone climb[s] up the mountain and sees a star…anyone can live a [longer] life.”

We hope that our mental and physical training will both help carry people through the high, and low points, of one’s life so as to sustain a healthy manner of living for a long life.

Baekdoo Dojang

Baekdoo Dojang is named after the Baekdoo Mountain located located on the border between North Korea and China, being the highest mountain on the Korean Peninsula.

From Wikipedia, “…Koreans…consider [Mount Baekdoo] the place of their ancestral origin… The mountain was considered sacred by Koreans throughout history.”

We hope that by instilling values such as those of CRISP Determination into our students, they will be able to appreciate and respect the generations before them (parents, grandparents, etc.) and understand the value of one’s background.

Taebaek Dojang

Taebaek Dojang is named after the Taebaek Mountain Range stretching across North and South Korea, forming the main ridge of the Korean Peninsula.

From The Textbook of Taekwondo Poomsae, “Taebaek is the name of a mountain with the meaning of ‘bright mountain’, where Tangun, the founder of the nation of Korean people, and the bright mountain [symbolize] sacredness of soul and Tangun’s thought of ‘hongik ingan’ (humanitarian ideal).”

We hope that through the meditation practices of Taekwondo our students will be able to achieve a state of mind in which they become one with oneself and project a positive self-image to the world.


At World Champion Taekwondo – Woodbridge, we take the cleanliness of our facility very seriously in order to provide a well-sanitized and healthy environment for all of our students to train in.

For this reason, we have had Evolution Technology International, a company “in pursuit of providing a safer and greener environment for humankind,” come to our school  and apply their EVO8PS product “to assist in control of mold, germs, allergens and odor causing bacteria.”

World Champion Taekwondo – Woodbridge has some of the top flooring and matting for a martial arts dojang in the state of Connecticut. Our floors are clean and safe for children to practice difficult skills while being barefoot.