Adult students have the added needs of stress and metabolism issues that come with lifestyle and age. The non-violent nature of Taekwondo movements, combined with light warm-ups and stretching, address these issues; the classes add social interaction that adults need to help them relax and learn better.

Benefits for Adults

  • 1. Flexible Scheduling

    In the busy times of being an adult, it’s hard to find time to exercise. That’s why at WCT Woodbridge we offer afternoon AND night classes for adults, so adults don’t have to worry about making the time, when the time is already made!

  • 2. Healthy Lifestyle

    WCT offers a lightweight but very beneficial exercise for adults so that they can easily achieve a healthy lifestyle without the hassles of a gym membership and the fancy machines!

  • 3. Mental Training

    The older people get, the more stressed they tend to get. Taekwondo’s mental training can help combat stress levels, and even improve memory and self-confidence!

Trial Program

Silver Level Program


Gold Level Program